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The idea of Kali Temple

The idea of Kali Temple is to find and nurture these magical moments and pieces of ourselves which make us feel as a whole. It is a return to lost, mysterious areas of reality that in the era of rationality have been refused and forgotten by people.

In Kali Temple, we respect and trust scientific discoveries that bring us more information about the world and humans, but we also take care of our intuitive part, the one that you cannot perceive by using intellect or logic.


We dive into worlds of dreams, symbols, and archetypes to touch the mysterious lands of reality and find them in ourselves. 

Explore Kali Temple sections


Let's jump into the amazing world of plants to learn their language and understand their role in human life. 


Visit a special place dedicated to celebrating femininity, where you can find inspiration for exploring the menstrual cycle in a symbolic way.


Find inspiration and tips about how to create a deeper relationship with your body.

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Kali Temple Library

I invite you to explore posts in the Library that will hopefully inspire you to strengthen your relationship with your body or with the fantastic world of plants.

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