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About author

I'm a woman and life explorer who doesn't want to be easily defined. When I feel something set a spark out within me, I try to take care of that and let it burn as long as needed. 

I believe in wisdom that comes from the law of nature, that has become forgotten by people. This belief gave birth to a big fascination with plants, their power, language, and their meaning in culture and folklore.


I have always been fascinated by unexplainable pieces of reality. That is why I love to jump into the bottomless ocean of myths, symbols, and archetypes. All this helps me to travel through life by constantly exploring and expanding the borders of my Microuniverse. 

I follow the path of cyclicity, especially the one that manifests in my body.


I am a forever student and teacher of beautiful ancient knowledge about the human body, mind, and spirit, called yoga. I specialise in vinyasa yoga which focuses on synchronizing body moves with the breath. So this is my strong base. But both in my personal practice and when I teach, I try to stay open and get inspired by other forms of movement as well.

My education

2020 - Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200, Samadhi Yoga, Warsaw

2022 - Prevention and Reeducation of Pelvic Floor Muscles according to the concept Corefit® System - a therapeutic method that grew out of many years of scientific and physiotherapeutic experience of Dr. Izabela Żak, who is one of the leading specialists in the field of prevention and re-education of the pelvic floor muscles in Poland

2023 - ‘Rozluźnianie i uzdrawianie Brzucha’ - online workshops by Ayurveda specialist Justyna Szydło; knowledge focused on the following topics: Ayurvedic perspective on abdominal health, hormonal yoga, abdominal massage technique


Kali Temple is a place where I share my experience and knowledge, with the hope that it will inspire you to look for your own path that will help you understand your true nature. 

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