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Welcome in a Femininity section

You are entering now the areas of reality that are associated with female energies but I invite everyone who feels curiosity and interest about this topic, whether you are a woman or a man.


Cyclicity is written in the world of nature that we belong to and being part of that makes us powerless to this big force.


The footprint of Mother Nature in womans body is menstrual cycle that changes level of our hormones throughout the month, which means that it constantyly affects our body and mood. From our teenage age up to the menopause every woman needs to deal with this rapid hormon changes. It is most of a lifetime. 


Sadly, we live in culture that do not put enough attention and care to this topic. Sometimes it is even a taboo and young girls are not even introduced to menstruation as they could to be. In consequence, many grown-up women still do not understand what is happening in their bodies or treat the menstrual cycle as a curse. When in fact, it can be seen as blessing. 

I am coming here to shed new light on this subject.


Many women inspired me to step in on the path of cyclicality and to travel through life with an awareness of my menstrual cycle. I want to share all I have learned from them and from my body.


Because if you just want to be open for that, the menstrual cycle can happen to be a powerful tool for entering the gates of beautiful worlds in your psyche.

phot. Zosia LS
First of all, I invite you to a short guide about female physiology that might be helpful to understand the point of view that I would like to present.
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Yoga and menstrual cycle

Check out a short guide on how to adapt your personal practice to the changes in your body throughout the month and learn how to keep it safe during each phase of the cycle.

Woman Archetypes 

at the axis of the menstrual phases

Now let’s go deeper and jump to the level of the collective unconscious that is the home of archetypes.​


Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior, characters, events, and ways of thinking that we cannot touch but it is possible to connect with them by contact with symbols, dreams, or myths.

I want to invite you now to meet 4 woman archetypes I explore every month as I travel through the menstrual cycle phases.​ Click on the link below and explore your inner world by studying pieces of your psyche through these archetypes.​

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