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Body work

There are so many beautiful practices when it comes to working with the body. And I think that this diversity is amazing because it helps us to explore so many areas of ourselves and create our own unique paths to go through life.

In my experience, different techniques can open different lands, both physical and mental. The most valuable thing in this process is searching for what works for you and what does not, learning how to listen to yourself and stay open. I do not think there is one recipe for a good and balanced life that will work for everyone. Each of us is an autonomous entity that has different needs and develops in different ways. And the most powerful wisdom comes from within. We just need to relearn how to get there.


The body is the most tangible, material part of us that can open the door to the deeper dimensions of our personality. Observing sensations in the body can provide us with knowledge about our emotions, fears, or needs. All this manifest through our body and awareness about how it happens can give us a big understanding of our nature.

phot. Zosia LS

For many years yoga was the only physical activity in my adult life. At one point I felt the need for something new. I felt that yoga, with all its beauty, is not complete (for me). I started to explore other approaches to movement and body training. And so many doors opened up after that. I started to be inspired by other fields of movement practice such as physiotherapy, somatic experiencing therapy, and various dance styles. I feel that my personal practice is becoming more balanced, diverse, and complete! And I still keep myself open, trying new ways of movement. 



Yoga has been in my life since 2017. I have a strong relationship with this practice. Yoga showed me how to love and respect my body. I am a teacher and my specialization in this field is vinyasa yoga. Still, I like to explore other types of yoga and discover the diversity of this beautiful ancient science.

Yoga is like a long-lasting stable relationship that sometimes bores me but I know I need it because it brings safety, calmness and self-discipline into my life. 


I love every type of movement but dancing has a special place in my heart. It takes me to a different level. Sometimes when I dance, it's like time stops, the 'I' disappear to let me be a pure movement. And I don't dance anymore but I become this dance. There is no thinking, no judgment, and no time. It's like being in a trance and music just pushes the body toward a particular movement. It allowed me to reach spaces of the psyche that I have never been to before. 

If yoga is a stable relationship... Dance is like a crazy lover that takes me on a super exciting date to show me my wild side. And I need them both in my life. 

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